Troost Bridge      Main Street

Main Street Revitalization
Kansas City, Missouri

Awards:  IESNA Section Lighting Award

                Best Streetscape + Public Improvement Project by the Missouri Main Street Connection

                American Society of Landscape Architects - Prairie Gateway Chapter Honor Award

Services: Lighting Design, Electrical Engineering

Size: 34th Street to 44th Street
Landscape Architect: Confluence
Owner: MainCor
Photographer: Eric Bowers

Main Street corridor, rich in history and art deco architecture, has seen the city grow up around it. The new streetscape program was to provide a much needed face lift and continue to build on the momentum surrounding redevelopment efforts along the corridor. The streetlights, typically a non-aesthetic necessity, became an integral part of the identity solution by enhancements including custom bases, brackets, banners, and beacon tops, inspired from historic signs. Contemporary LED pedestrian poles provide human scale and allow for safe walk-ability among uniform illumination on sidewalks. Visual clutter was reduced by utilizing the lighting poles for signage locations. Previously targeted for graffiti and vandalism, the electrical equipment was beautified with vinyl graphic wraps illustrating the signs and graphics which once graced Main Street. The utilitarian equipment is transformed into visually unifying elements without affecting functionality. The project was a large team effort resulting in the creation of Main Street as a destination rather than simply a conduit to move vehicles.