Prairie Band Casino - Topeka, Kansas

Centennial Plaza - University of Texas - El Paso
El Paso, TX

In partnership with Yarnell and Associates

Awards:  2016 SUP Excellence in Landscape Architecture Honor Award

                Sustainable SITES Initiative Silver Certification (the first in the world to earn SITES 
                certification beyond the Initiative’s pilot projects, recognizing the project as a model of 
                sustainability in remote desert climates.

Services: Lighting Design in partnership with Bruce Yarnell

Landscape Architect: Ten Eyck
Photography:  Adam Barbe, Terry Moore

UTEP had the goal of creating lasting legacies of the Centennial while transforming the campus into a pedestrian-friendly public space. The new Centennial Plaza changes the heart of the campus into a large open area reminiscent of urban plazas located across the Paso del Norte region and in Mexico, where residents congregate and celebrate life. Groves of native mesquite trees shade a paseo for strolling, socializing, or studying. The plaza showcases a beautiful, hand-carved and hand-painted Lhakhang, a gift from the Kingdom of Bhutan to the people of the United States and entrusted to the University’s care.