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Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park
Lenexa, Kansas

Awards:  2014 IESNA Lighting Award of Merit

                Kansas City APWA 2013 Project of the Year for 2013 
                (Environmental Less than $5 Million)

Services: Lighting Design, Electrical Engineering

Owner: City of Lenexa
Civil/Environmental Engineer: Olsson Associates
Landscape Architect: Indigo Design

Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park is nestled between popular outdoor recreation spaces in Lenexa, KS. A new bridge was constructed in the park to improve lake water quality and park amenities.The bridge lighting plays a large role in enhancing the park environment while illuminating the well-used pathway. The lighting design goal was to illuminate the path while minimalizing lamp source and mounting. The bridge has become a beacon of sparkle by reflecting off the surrounding lake and making the bridge and park destination highly visible from the nearby public roadway.