Kathi Vandel
Graduate: Kansas State University

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Kathi enjoys the process of lighting design. From concept to reality, keeping focused on the end product, while maintaining a true sense of the team environment. She has a commitment for designing spaces that are maintainable and will endure the passage of time. She strives to design for what is smart, feels good, and looks fabulous— while creating a sense of place. Integrating her engineering background with her natural creativity are a unique blend quite fitting for integration of light and architecture to maximize the impact of the built environment.  Kathi is also active on the Architectural                                                                          Engineering Advisory Council of Kansas State University.

 Allyson Evans
Graduate: University of Kansas

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Allyson believes that architectural illumination must not only be functional, but creative, ergonomic and environmentally conscious. This philosophy is  reflected throughout her diverse resume of projects in areas of hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare. Ms. Evans begins the design process  by studying both daylight and electric lighting needs of the space and how those elements affect the emotions of the end user. She then integrates energy efficient and environmentally friendly luminaires and daylight controls that will accentuate and compliment the overall architectural statement. 

Katie Green
Graduate: University of Kansas

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Katie's responsive approach to architectural lighting is simple, clear and direct. Informed by program and context, her work is carefully crafted, bringing together aesthetic and technical objectives while paying special attention to how lighting integrates into the architecture and the resulting effect of light in the space. 

Michelle Blush
Graduate: Kansas State University

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Michelle’s primary goal when designing a lighting system is to promote occupant well-being and create a space that owners and occupants enjoy being in. Lighting has such an impact on a person. It can influence them both emotionally and physically. She wants occupants to feel just as good (or even better!) leaving a space as when they entered. When making design decisions, Michelle tries to put herself in the users shoes as if she were the one using the space. How would the lighting influence and impact her and what controls would make the most sense?  Michelle also enjoys keeping up on the latest lighting trends, including LED technology and controls.

Josh Kohl
Graduate: Kansas State University

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Josh received his Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University with an emphasis in electrical and illumination design. Josh took interest in lighting design due to the unique combination of technical and creative proficiencies needed to provide an elegant, functional solution. For every finished product there is an original concept brought to fruition by many teams and Josh takes pride in contributing to a successful final result.