Jackson County Courthouse Facade

Kansas City, Missouri

Services: Exterior Facade Lighting

Architect:  Piper Wind

Photography:  Color Kinetics

The Jackson County Courthouse facade project was a race from start to finish.  The desire for the owner was to showcase their historic building along with many others in the nighttime downtown KC skyline.   LightWorks answered the call by designing and implementing the project within a super tight 4-month timeframe.   All RGB lighting manufacturers were evaluated on the basis of output, performance, availability and cost.  Then tedious calculation models were created in order to present several options to the owner.  The chosen option was to bring back to life a historic postcard of the building.  The solution involved a new DMX color system for ultimate flexiblity for future color schemes.  

Phase 2 is coming soon which includes the north courtyard, north lower facade, entry presense and relighting the historic pylons.