St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church

Wichita, Kansas

In partnership with Helios

Services: Interior Lighting Design, Exterior Lighting Design

Architect: Spangenberg Phillips Tice Architecture

Photographer: Randy Tobias Photography

With the size of the northwest Wichita Parish increasing, the personnel at St. Catherine garnered the resources necessary to initiate the design of an elegant new church to house many generations to come. The architecture was designed in the spirit of beauty and strength, while still offering a sense of familiarity to the former main church. With such a rich history of symbolism in the Catholic church, the lighting needs to not only compliment the architecture, but also call proper attention to all of the various religious elements throughout the space.

This would be Bruce Yarnell's last project before his death in 2019. It will forever be part of the legacy of work he left behind and will continue to inspire for years to come.